Serenity Ultimate Carpet Underlay™

Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ is the perfect solution and easy to install. Great for both impact and ambient noise. Good for new or restoration projects. Compatible with all carpet types. It adds mass to a wood floor assembly along with flexibility.




Our quality underlays are heavy enough to provide High Impact Isolation (IIC) as well as High Sound Transmission Blocking (STC) to effectively block both foot-fall noise, the most common noise issue with hardwood floors, and airborne noise also. Blocking both types of noise ensures the most privacy. Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ rolls are 48″ wide. They are easy to install. If you are installing below a floated or engineered wood floor, It can be easily rolled out and put into place. Tape the seams with Acoustical seam tape. The floated wood floor is installed over the Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ For glued down floors please see Installation manual PDF file.

Performance Data: Soundproofing Carpet Underlay


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