Commercial Acoustical Wall Panels

Soundproof Barrier, also known as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), is the most widely used noise control solution for walls, floors and ceilings. Used and tested in thousands of projects, it is a recognized and proven industry standard in sound mitigation.




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At a total thickness of 3/4″ our Serenity Plus Carpet Underlay™ is the top performer for adding privacy under carpet flooring. In most cases it eliminates the need for a carpet pad. Adding 2 lbs per square foot of weight insures maximum privacy. Typical uses for this product are recording studios, commercial spaces, high-end residential and luxury yacht staterooms.


Underlay products consist of a foam layer supporting an acoustic vinyl barrier. The foam layer acts to decouple the mass layer from the floor vibrations, creating an effective barrier against noise radiating from the floor due to structure borne or airborne sources of noise.

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